Dawn Theme - Cart Drawer

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As you already know, cart drawer isn't a standard ability on the Dawn theme. But guess what, I created it so you can enjoy it!

Here are all the main features:

- Ability to switch between the standard dawn theme cart notification or the cart drawer

- Ability to remove items within the cart drawer

- Ability to change quantity within the cart drawer

- Ability to go to checkout within the cart drawer

- Is linked to the product page and the featured product

- When clicking cart icon, it will open the cart drawer.

- Life time free updates

- Life time free bug fixes

- Constantly maintained and improved


All necessary files needing to install the feature will be sent to your email automatically after purchase.


Installation video can be found on the blog - Cart Drawer/Slider For Dawn Theme - Bluish.io


Installation video can be found on the blog https://www.bluish.io/shopfiy/cart-drawer-slider-for-dawn-theme

If you are having issues, please contact us on https://www.bluish.io/contact-us

Note: If you need help installing the code, please choose the Standard - Installation help option.

License Info:

Standard - Can be used multiple times, only to be active on 1 theme at a time.

Standard - Customization - As standard, but you would like customizations done

Developer - Can be used multiple times on many active themes.